About our events

az experiences is more than an event company, it is a company that wants to give you experientes, and  aims to create unique moments with exceptional and unique details.

founded  by 2 young entrepreneurs, linked to catering from a young age, has the experience of event management combined with a specific know-how of hotel management and catering, marketing and creativity. our challenge is constant innovation, we want to present at your party something that surprises your guests and who knows we do not surprise you either.

In addition to organizing the most cherished events of all: such as the christening of the new family member, your dream wedding, or the celebration of 25 years of marriage, we still place all our passion in small events: your proposal, surprise someone on their birthday, send that friend’s breakfast, or even prepare the most lively bachelor party.

On the other hand, we organize your company’s party, opening a new office, a lunch at work for your clients, … All proposals are tailored to your size and budget. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of event organization and contact us! Do not worry, we’ll handle everything.


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